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Local Arts

Colorful Leaves


These projects come from local artists that Regenesis Reno honors for their creatively regenerative approach.

Human Innerface

The Human InnerFace
We are the new ancestors actively creating our new future. In a rapidly changing world we must come together with trust, community, empathy and compassion as foundational to design. Our experiences come alive in integrated spaces where technology meets art, nature, and human. The Human InnerFace is to be a platform for collaboration, imagination, and innovation in which we find synergy that allows us to create solutions that serve the greater good of the world.

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Tree of Life

Tree of Life
The Tree of Life is a 110-foot tall art piece that activates an ancient symbol and invites you on a journey through life. It is an interactive art and architecture sculpture created for you to come play and awaken your senses. As you enter the piece, you will be among the roots where an ambisonic sound space is brought to life with captivating performances and gatherings.

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