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 Wild Truth: Illuminated

by the Human InnerFace

Regenesis Reno is honored to participate and collaborate with the Human InnerFace. We aim to ignite regeneration in Reno by connecting people, place, and potential in conjunction with Wild Truth: Illuminated installations.

A SOCIAL IMPACT ART INSTALLATION  Visit the Human InnerFace website


It is an immersive experience that uses art as a
language to connect human, nature, and technology.
It is designed for emotional closeness while
maintaining physical distance.
Wild Truth: Illuminated is one interactive installation
consisting of three art experiences.
The experiences are :
1. WILD - exploring the wild self: Who am I free of
pretense and shield?
2. TRUTH - revealing the true self: What is the story I
hold behind my skin?
3. ILLUMINATED - activating communities: What is
the world I want to live in?
All experiences are available and designed to flow
between the physical and the virtual worlds allowing
for participants to interact in and between both
spaces. The project contains the following core
• Participatory art creation
• Exhibiting of the art created by the participants
• Individual and group reflections after each of the
three engagements
• Digitization of all art and recorded reflections -
bringing them together in a multilayered virtual
• Utilizing AI and/or data analysis to capture the
essence of the art and the recorded reflections to
create an evolving emotional map and collection of
“collaborative soul” in the world’s biggest empathy

The installation is designed to reveal the Soul of a
City as people become more self-aware, connect to
an intrinsic understanding of empathy, develop a
deeper sense of belonging within their communities,
and become empowered to act as participants in
positive design. We believe art inspires people and
stimulates technology to create regenerative
communities inspired by Soul not just code.
We imagine a city as a creative canvas and mold
upon which we can wrap technology. After the launch
of the program we would like to offer the project to
other cities and organizations to create the world’s
largest social impact art collaboration.
Our project lives simultaneously in both physical and
digital worlds allowing for multi-dimensional
connection both during the event and beyond. This
connection of both worlds is a core element of the
project. It allows for events to build on each other
and create richer experiences.
It is sculptural in both the physical and virtual world.
We translate the essence of the physical world into
2D and 3D environments. The project offers
participatory opportunities in both the physical and
virtual reality.
We believe that art is the upgrade path for the Soul.
It is access to the malware that we unconsciously
uploaded into our firmware. This information is
difficult to access, ego-protected, and critical
because iit drives how we relate and what we create.

Our only limit is the
illusion of a boundary.

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Wild Truth: Illuminated

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