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Pillars of Service

Lake at Dusk


Unlock the full potential of your project.

Regenesis Reno is re-framing the way we think about community and the way we engage with the place we call home. Our collective duty as residents is to ensure healthy growth, a sustainable economy, and ecologically sound principles that honor both the rooted history and uniqueness of our region. 


We provide a starting point for developers and local citizens to collaborate in discovering the full potential of projects in a way that makes economic sense and serves the well-being of a greater number of people.

Our pillars of service are the foundation by which we accomplish our objectives and fulfill our role at Regenesis Reno.

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Development Consultation

We invite developers of existing and new real estate projects to participate in a discovery process to identify opportunities and symbiotic collaborations that tap into the inherent social, economic, and environmental design potential of each place. Explore regenerative development for your project.

Solutions-based Services

We start from project potential, not problems, to catalyze creative opportunities, feasibility studies, and stakeholder guilds. Like a guild in ecology, people form guilds to share common resources. By bringing together vital capital, products, and community knowledge, we cultivate sustainable, place-centered results.

Advocacy and Policy

We engage leaders, allies, policy makers and coalitions to advocate for policy that removes developmental roadblocks and supports regenerative principles.

Education and Community Building

We believe in the power of people to explore their value-adding role through education, events, and workshops that encourage community building and deeper connections to our place.

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