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Riverhood Project

The map below illustrates 931 acres with six owners, each with their own colors as indicated in the legend. This area is not referred to by anyone using the term Riverhood. At Regenesis Reno we only use it for convenience to identify parcels to the north and south of the Truckee River with no structures built on them for varying reasons. Please note since we’re not a public agency or developer, we’re not proposing any different land use than the current categories.  The map is only provided to readers to evaluate different speculative scenarios on alternative uses submitted as a portion of a community and stakeholder engagement approach using regenerative thinking. Long, long before interpretations and proposed changes in master plans are submitted by proponents, our neighbors explore assumptions behind current plans in an open-ended, public, and civil conversation. Information on regenerative thinking is available on our website and within content linked to under our Resources tab.   


Please click on the large “P” to review the 12-slide presentation given by Sparks Mayor Ed Lawson beginning in May 2022. Slide 9 illustrates the current Downtown City Center surrounding Victorian Square and new, exciting Oddie City Center northwest of the Downtown City Center, centered on the Oddie District buildings. Real estate developer Foothill Partners and national startup ecosystem developer Innovation Collective have spearheaded the complete redevelopment of a former Lowe’s Home Improvement Center, long the largest vacant big-box building in the region. The Generator makerspace opened in May 2022.


Slide 10 illustrates Mayor Lawson’s vision of his proposed third neighborhood named the River City Center. Currently an industrial zone, these structures could gradually be replaced with residential and other mixed use. The proposed area is bounded on the west where the Greg Street bridge crosses the Truckee River. The northern border is along Greg Street towards the east until it intersects with Veterans Parkway, then it follows the Truckee toward the west, back to the Greg Street bridge. The term “regenerative” is not being used, yet our neighbors have already begun to explore scenarios exactly using regenerative design early enough so all stakeholders in this potential new neighborhood will benefit.

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