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Tree of Life

THE TREE OF LIFE  Visit their website here


The Tree of Life is a 110-foot tall art piece that activates an ancient symbol and invites you on a journey through life. It is an interactive art and architecture sculpture created for you to come play and awaken your senses. As you enter the piece, you will be among the roots where an ambisonic sound space is brought to life with captivating performances and gatherings. A 90ft tall central light and sound atrium moves you through the heart of the tree. Ascending the atrium staircase, you are embraced by the vibrations and frequencies of the seven chakras through the ambisonic surround sound. At the top, you arrive to the Temple of the Stars a place to spend time friends contemplating the wonders of Black Rock City. The Tree of Life is your home to feel into the interactive exchange between the earth and space, nature and technology, in which both the internal journey and external expression are brought together. We invite you to be part of the team by giving life to the Tree of Life.

Building Process

We are building this art piece through sustainable and innovative practices to live in one of the most extreme environments on Earth at Burning Man. This piece demonstrates new levels of architectural possibility and communicates the priority of sustainability. The main structure is made of Glulam, a renewable building material sustainably harvested from the forest, along with recycled steel and fabric. Computer modeling allows us to design for extreme environments while saving time, money and minimizing risk. The computer modeling process has given us the opportunity to test every single part of the design and save time in building by optimizing the process Connecting our digitals models directly with CNC robots cuts the Gluelam pieces to the perfect size and specification needed. Creating the steel connectors was an intellectually intensive process, that resulted in finding a design that allows us to optimize the installation process and reduce installation time. And with our growing community, we are crafting the sunrise and sunset faces that personify the Tree of Life, and the fabric art that adorns the trunk and canopy. We invite you to participate, and get involved in the process of creating!

Experiential Technology

Highlighting the experiential technology is an ambisonic surround sound system and a lighting system mirroring the movement of the people and light patterns in nature. Within the Tree of Life, the sound and light atrium experience can take human consciousness from linear to spherical.

THE Inspiration & Message

The Tree of Life is inspired and in tribute to the tragedy of the Columbia Gorge fire in Oregon, followed by the North Bay and Thomas fires in California. Through the process of giving life to this piece and activating it as a portal for creativity, it is our goal to create stronger awareness and processes of action for stewarding and caring for the forests and the ecosystems that support our lives. We want to live in a world where ecosystems are valued and humans live in harmony with planet Earth. We want to bring the presence of an old growth tree to the playa as a monument to nature imbuing it with the life and magic of Black Rock City. By creating this piece we honor those beings affected by the fires and want to assist in creating a change where human relationships with the forests become stronger and fires are stewarded as a natural process of the ecosystem without harming our homes and destroying the forest canopy

We are committed to creatively work on solutions to the challenges facing our world’s natural environments.This movement does not end with this art piece, it is a beginning. We invite you to the possibility of creatively reconnecting with natural environments and become active stewards of our lands.

Post Playa Life

The Tree of Life will have a long life after Burning Man as a center for creativity, knowledge sharing and healing. After Burning Man we will transport the piece to its permanent location and continue to host a variety of gatherings, workshops and ceremonies. This will enhance the growth of the project into its fullest potential as an incubator for creativity. We are excited for the community that attracts and houses the Tree of Life! We are currently talking with various communities about where and how it will live after Burning Man.

How You Make An Impact

The Tree of Life is grateful for the seed funding for this project and receiving the Honorarium from Burning Man Arts. This is a great start for our project, however, we need your support!

Regenesis Reno is working to help fund the creation of the Tree of Life with the understanding it will have a permanent home in Reno following the Tree’s time at Burning Man.

Tree of Life Performance Space Animation

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