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Regenesis Reno is a change management consulting team specializing in regenerative community building.

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Regenesis Reno is re-framing the way we think about community and the way we engage with the place we call home. Rather than living IN the high desert, we are OF the high desert, inhabiting a new kind of place where we envision possibilities and design thriving systems by working collaboratively to make it happen. Our collective duty as residents is to ensure healthy growth, a sustainable economy, and ecologically sound principles that honor both the rooted history and uniqueness of our region. 


We provide a starting point for developers and local citizens to collaborate in discovering the full potential of projects in a way that makes economic sense and serves the well-being of a greater number of people.


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Regenesis Reno

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“In times of turmoil, the danger lies not in the turmoil itself, but in facing it with yesterday's logic.”

- Unknown

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