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by building a movement across Western Nevada* to form a shared vision of community development, catalyze regenerative impact projects, and enhance a local economy that supports the wellbeing of all.

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Desert Mountains

Promote sustainable and regenerative design in our region by building community engagement, education, and cross-sector collaboration.

Grow a collective network of practitioners to create a shared vision,  enhance development, and work collaboratively on regenerative projects.

Serve as a catalyst for project opportunities and accelerate market demand for sustainable, equitable, and regenerative development.


As a team with a deep commitment to the communities within Western Nevada, we work cooperatively with local partners to facilitate participation in equitable and resilient development supporting the wellbeing of all.


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During this time of cultural transition, collaboration and efficiency are essential. Regenesis Reno enlists our Advisory Allies to bring expertise and vast experience in sustainable, regenerative development and projects. They expand our capacity and guide us to meet our objectives:

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As a valuable part of our Guild, the following Impact Partners are committed to the well-being of Western Nevada communities. In addition to sponsoring our Ambassador Program, they contribute financially to projects aligning with our vision and regenerative development guidelines that increase resiliency and promote balanced relationships among the five capitals.

Regenesis Reno is a B Corporation dedicated to connecting people, place, and potential for regenerative projects that positively shape the direction of our rapidly changing region. 


Regenesis Reno, Inc. was formed on June 28, 2019 as a Public Benefit Corporation in Delaware. As we build our track record, we will apply to be a Certified B Corporation. B Corporations practice triple bottom line accounting focused on people, planet, and profit. To learn more about the great work B Corps are doing, please visit BCorporation.net/.

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