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Dry Dirt Road

Regenesis Helps Neighbors Flourish

The mission of Regenesis Reno is to inspire Western Nevada to flourish by co-creating prosperous, sustainable, equitable, resilient, and regenerative creative communities strengthening our common roots and unlocking our full potential for a thriving future.

“In the midst of every crisis, lies great opportunity.” -Albert Einstein

Why now?

We are in a time compelling us to expand our thinking and embrace new possibilities. Mounting assaults to life on earth, climate crisis, social injustice, and COVID-19 are teaching us to reorder our priorities and work together.


We have an opportunity to unite and collaborate locally as we address issues such as social and economic inequality, the effect of climate change, water system management, and a rapidly growing population. Recognizing the geography, history, and spirit of our place, we operate in new ways using the principles of nature to help Western Nevada* thrive economically, socially, and ecologically. 


We collaborate with companies, individuals, nonprofits, developers, planners, and government agencies to fulfill our mission and provide our services.

Desert Mountains

Our Role

In nature there is no waste, everything is a nutrient, yet we live in a world of waste and consumption of our own creation -- resulting in unstable economic growth.

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51% in

5 years


63% in

6 years



13 decades

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We believe it is time to shift from this degenerative system and begin designing productive living systems. We must reassess the value we give to the personal, natural, produced, financial, and social capitals inherent in our place.

Personal Capital
Social Capital
Natural Capital
Produced Capital
Financial Capital

Our role at Regenesis Reno is to provide the connective flow necessary for projects to balance and grow all capitals. As a key component of any project, we design and establish healthy ecosystems among these capitals so they are economically viable and capable of continually revitalizing themselves.

Regenerative design uses whole systems thinking to create resilient and equitable systems that integrate the needs of society with the integrity of nature. Mimicking resilience of feedback loops in nature, this design process is participatory, iterative, and specific to the community and environment it is applied to.

- paraphrased from wikipedia


Our Objectives

Promote sustainable and regenerative design in our region by building community engagement, education, and cross-sector collaboration.

Grow a collective network of practitioners to create a shared vision,  enhance development, and work collaboratively on regenerative projects.

Serve as a catalyst for project opportunities and accelerate market demand for prosperous, sustainable, resilient, equitable, and regenerative development.

Showcase the effectiveness of regenerative development through demonstration project data.

Our Strategy

Our Strategy

Ecosystem Indicators

When healthy ecosystems exist among the five capitals, the result is thriving, place-centered:

  • Food Systems

  • Building Design

  • Social Investment

  • Arts

  • Recreation

  • Community Connections

Our Objectives
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