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Everyone has a value-adding role at Regenesis Reno

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Ambassadors have a voice in creating our shared vision of regenerative growth and serve an important role in honoring our common roots.

Do you want a role in how Western Nevada develops?

Reno is changing, but it’s not too late to influence our trajectory. We still have an opportunity to do it right. At Regenesis Reno, we believe it is our collective responsibility and right, as residents, to support healthy growth, a sustainable economy, and ecologically sound principles honoring both our rooted history and creating hope for a bright future.

Sponsored by our Impact Partners, our Ambassador Program provides the platform for you to learn about regenerative principles and development. When you attend a one-day program and become an Ambassador, you are the starting point for a new approach to development in Western Nevada. Our program sessions will inspire you to a new level of thinking, as well as provide a platform for your ideas to be heard as development impact opportunities arise.

Join Us Ambassadors

The valuable knowledge, experience, and skills of our Collective members are critical to informing our shared vision of place -- and a path to get there. 

We mobilize expert teams from our Collective for high impact project and development opportunities. Together we offer integrated and coordinated approaches for clients and Impact Partners to ensure regenerative design is embedded in projects throughout Western Nevada. 


You will benefit from increased market opportunities and an innovative, collaborative working environment. Becoming a Collective member will invigorate your business and make you more successful.

​Do you provide services or products to co-create sustainable, regenerative, produced capital aligning with our mission and objectives at  Regenesis Reno? You belong in our Collective.

Our Collective consists of providers in Western Nevada specializing in food systems, building, social investment, art, re-creation and community building.

Collective Providers

Join Us Collective

Impact Partners

When you partner with Regenesis Reno, your financial contribution demonstrates a commitment to regenerative development, ensuring any project reaches its highest potential. Partner with us to mobilize the perfect team and explore the potential of working together.
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As a key member of our Guild, you and your organization will benefit from an abundance of ongoing Regenesis Reno services. You will gain greater community recognition, advocacy for your project and organization, and support from our Ambassadors, Advisory Allies, and Collective.


As an Impact Partner, you will be the first to know about significant project and development opportunities and receive discounts on premium Regenesis Reno offerings. Impact Partner funds also help sponsor our Ambassador Program -- building community engagement, creating jobs, and accelerating market demand for transformative projects throughout Western Nevada.

Join Us Impact Partners

Offerings available to all

Impact Partners:

  • Impact Opportunity Campaigns (Tier 1)

  • Sponsorship of Ambassador Program (Tier 1)

  • Place Investigation and Storytelling Inhabitants (Tier 1)

  • Access to specialized Impact Indicator Data (Tier 1)

  • Roadmap to Regeneration: Explore and Assess

  • Collective Voice: Collective Change Advocacy 

  • Custom Events and Workshops 

  • Close-knit Communities

  • Cultural Transformation of Organization 

  • Community Reconciliation

  • Partnerships, Connections, and Consortiums

"The sustainability revolution is nothing less than a rethinking and remaking of our role in the natural world."


David Orr

Advisory Allies

If you have expertise in regenerative design and development aligning with our work at Regenesis Reno, we welcome your valuable guidance and invite you to be an Advisory Ally.

Vegetable Garden

Are you a global regenerative expert?

Our vigorous guild ecosystem serves as a catalyst for opportunities and collaborations as we support projects in our region. In conjunction with our Allies, we offer the capacity to foster cooperation and trust among groups to achieve common goals.

Together our expertise drives prosperous, sustainable, resilient, equitable, and regenerative development. With impact funding from our Partners, a robust menu of offerings, extensive data collection, and a focus on cooperation, we co-create a flourishing community of well-being for us all to live in.

Join Us Allies
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