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Building Creative Communities: The Riverhood 2030 process

Updated: Jun 28, 2023

Regenesis is working with John Marx, one of the three principles of Form4 Architecture.

John Marx Profile
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John has substantial respect for his designs and track record from tech companies, developers, and potential funding sources. The document below captures who John is.

As you know, our top tech employers include: Tesla, Google, Apple, Amazon, Microsoft, and Intuit. Partnering with these global leaders would massively accelerate the co-creation of regenerative creative communities within our shared home. John has been involved in substantially larger and more complex projects than we'll be doing in Reno any time soon. His major clients include Google, Facebook, Netflix, and NVIDIA.

The goal of our conversations with people John knows is to begin the process of transforming their respect for John into a strong interest in Our Community. Some haven’t visited Reno for years. We’re not developers. With many diverse stakeholders, we’re exploring the co-creation of very large-scale mixed use, mixed-income projects. All will include homes for many of the thousands of our neighbors the companies above count as employees. We’re working with them and others locally to support and fund the next modest effort within the Riverhood 2030 process.

The map below illustrates the area we call Riverhood -- a purpose-built ribbon of creative communities located on potentially more than two square miles. The Truckee is Riverhood’s spine. These communities will be anchored by a central point of mutual interest, including but not limited to a:

  • Latino Arte and Cultural Center

  • Western Heritage Culture Center

  • Community of Washoe County School District educators

  • Athletic Complex

  • Center for Indigenous Cultures

  • Black Rock Village

All readers:

John has designed solutions for locations with significant water management challenges. I realize the following assumption is difficult. Yet during our Riverhood 2030 conversations, let’s set aside the controversies revolving around building within our flood zones. We’re discussing scenarios (not plans!!) subject to initial assumptions. One of those assumptions is that our flooding problems are solved enough to put the controversies behind us. The massively detailed plans co-created by the Truckee River Flood Management Authority (TRFMA) and many, many in our community are the road maps. We’ve shared conversations with many stakeholders beginning with the question below.

Please contact us with your answer to the question:

If the land on the Riverhood map below was free of flood risk -- what options would fulfill your dreams for our community in 2030?

Our team at Regenesis will listen to you. Many of your ideas could be realized in many locations throughout Reno, Sparks, and unincorporated Washoe County -- as well as in Riverhood itself.

At its core, the thinking Regenesis uses within the Riverhood 2030 regenerative process is all about the intertwined living system relationships between the environment, economy, and society -- whether it’s in business, architecture, or urban planning.

For more detail on the regenerative process, please read my article: What is Regenerative Development and Design? Community engagement isn’t just a side effect of regeneration; it’s the defining condition.

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