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Our strategy at Regenesis Reno for contributing to aiding our homeless and low-income population includes working with an organization named A Safe Haven, located in Chicago. We will use their consulting services to help design and evaluate our efforts focused on our homeless neighbors and those with extremely low incomes.

A Safe Haven is an anchor organization serving over 5,000 people a year with dozens of related supportive housing and affordable housing facilities located throughout the Chicagoland area and several social enterprises including staffing, catering and landscaping. You can see A Safe Haven’s Results by Numbers here.

A Safe Haven Flagship Location

In 1994, co-founders Neli Vazquez Rowland and Brian Rowland made a radical change in their life from pursuing their established and lucrative careers in finance to create the first licensed recovery home in Illinois.  Their 140,000 square foot facility now serves as the flagship location with 400 beds dedicated to meeting the needs of populations in behavioral healthcare crisis, from the spectrum of mental health issues including depression and substance abuse to unstable economic and housing conditions. A Safe Haven in Chicago has been nationally recognized for its innovation and success and provides an ideal model for a more modest version in Reno.

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