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Impact Project Opportunities

Regenesis Commons

Along the banks of the Truckee River, Regenesis Commons could bring a new vision to Reno, Nevada — a unique 200-unit multi-family development that includes several urban gardens, a sculpture park, performance space and a live/work center for the healing arts. Regenesis Reno is currently working to create a phased approach on the site and seeking impact partners for this opportunity.

Regenesis 108: Desert

Regenesis Reno is seeking impact partners and collaborators to sponsor an annual multi-day community event inspired by the principles of Burning Man* and held on our property in Gerlach.


The ethics and teaching of regeneration overlap with the principles of Burning Man.   “Regenesis108: Desert” would be both an expression of these values and a vehicle for their transference into the “real world”.


*this event is not sponsored or affiliated with the Burning Man event but it does aim to integrate the principles of Burning into a real world project

desert plant




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