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We can co-create a regenerative culture in Western Nevada.

Tom Stille of River School Farm says:

“Our goal is to have 20 percent of our food grown in the Truckee Meadows”

Tom and Iris are also looking for people to co-create a beautiful cohousing community.

For nearly 25 years the River School Farm has been developing beautiful gardens and recreation amenities along the banks of the Truckee river. In the past three years Tom and Iris Stille have transferred ownership of the property to Dancing River Community LLC (DRC).

They are building several new duplex homes two of which one is nearly completed. There are two more in the design and planning stage. DRC is based on permaculture principals and biodynamic practices.

Our intentional community is composed of 15 home sites located on more than an acre of land along the Truckee River. Our common grounds consist of river view terraces, amphitheater, pathways and a river beach. Garden areas include fruit trees, grape vines, edible and nectar producing flowers, culinary and medicinal herbs, and vegetable garden plots.

Our common house includes a dance/yoga studio, guest room, bath room with shower, entertainment and meeting room as well as shaded outdoor patio spaces and summer outdoor food preparation area.

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