Pillar of Service

Exploratory Education: Creative Communities


Creative communities grow from a sense of belonging, educational opportunities, and the freedom to move beyond what exists and explore potential.

Recognizing that education and the opportunity for greater creative expression not only strengthen the individual but also the collective whole, Regenesis Reno offers a variety of forums to support a greater understanding of regenerative principles. 


We host educational and community-building events on revitalizing ecosystem indicators such as food, building, the arts and much more. We offer building blocks of our Exploratory Education: Creative Communities service pillar for organizational teams and people from all walks of life. We invite you to participate in a visioning process revealing symbiotic opportunities and exciting possibilities for co-creating a new kind of place or project.  


Increased knowledge and awareness allow individuals to find their value-adding role that expands community capacity and simultaneously leads to greater market demand for sustainable projects and products. By learning, exploring, and engaging together, residents can contribute in a significant way toward reimagining the places they live and work throughout the region.

Building Blocks


Place Investigation

We connect common roots and explore patterns of a specific place from which we find shared values. These shared values inform the policy and design needed to accelerate transformative projects and support community development.

Cultural Transformation of Organizations

Organizations will unlock their full creative capacity by exploring regenerative workplace culture.  Join us to learn how to rejuvenate and inspire your team, explore opportunities, increase productivity, and enhance engagement by connecting to a shared purpose.

Events and Workshops

We coordinate strategic, impactful gatherings to inform key decision makers and project initiatives. Our events provide valuable data and expand social learning to stimulate the flow of communication, fostering new ideas and resilient communities.

Ambassador Program

Sponsored by our Impact Partners, our Ambassadors introduce the community to the concept of regenerative design and development. Our program sessions inspire new levels of understanding and potential. Ambassadors learn the importance of co-creating new opportunities for revitalizing projects that sustain vibrant communities.

Online Database

Shared information is a key catalyst to educate and build a healthy, revitalized community. We offer a robust library of resources to animate creative thinking and innovation in our region. Learn from the experts, explore local knowledge, and enjoy our own curated content from our Regenesis Reno guild.

Impact Indicators, Data and Reports

We use six indicators to assess our regenerative impact ecosystem: Food Systems, Building Design, Social Investment, Arts, Recreation, Community Connection. Regenesis Reno works with partners, clients, and policymakers to better understand how to align these ecosystem indicators through advocacy, strategic design, and policy.