Pillar of Service

Developments: Discovery + Design


Relationships turn a house into a home. 


Similarly, positive relationships among the five capitals turn developments into flourishing communities.

We are living in times of unpredictable shifts requiring resilient, innovative development and design solutions. It is imperative we come together to ensure our region develops in an appropriate, responsive way specific to our place and our people. With the recent influx of people and businesses, Western Nevada is uniquely poised to embrace new forms of development and anchor our thinking to the future. 


Our built environment is one of the biggest influencers of how we live and engage with our place. Good design can create space, facilitating transformative, vibrant connections, and new forms of human interaction with place. The development process contains layers of opportunity to reimagine these connections and to design with that potential in mind. 


Through a discovery process, we are able to strategize responsive building designs, as well as strengthen social and economic systems interacting with the project. In this way a project can extend beyond physical boundaries and positively impact its nested surroundings.


Whether a new or existing development, the process of regenerative design occurs from the inside out. Our building blocks of Discovery + Design are successful at finding that magic place where top down and bottom up meet; where wisdom from our past and respect for our future coalesce into thriving projects.

Building Blocks


Roadmap to Regeneration: Explore and Assess

Our trademark offering, Roadmap to Regeneration, is a deeply involved exploratory process for new and existing developments to support efforts at creating more flourishing, economically sound projects. We identify collaborative potential and develop strategies for greater success.

Close-knit Communities

We plan and consult, turning new and existing residential projects into thriving communities -- a key to long-term project success. We know how to create close-knit communities where the inherent human and social capital of a place comes alive through design, connection, and interaction. This unlocks the potential social, environmental, and economic impact of any place.

Ambassador Program

Sponsored by our Impact Partners, our Ambassadors introduce the community to the concept of regenerative design and development. Our program sessions inspire new levels of understanding and potential. Ambassadors learn the importance of co-creating new opportunities for revitalizing projects that sustain vibrant communities.

Regenerative Impact Opportunity and Land Acquisition

We identify high impact projects and development opportunities and work with you to bring them to fruition. This may include mobilizing an expert team from our Collective, alerting Impact Partners to opportunities, hosting workshops and events, or working with developers to assess and acquire prime sites with regenerative potential.

Roadmap to Regeneration: Design and Delivery

We take our Roadmap to Regeneration: Explore and Assess offering to the next level with our design and delivery phase. Our Collective is a team of experts in many disciplines. Working with our Collective, we offer an integrated and coordinated approach nourishing the growth of five capitals to achieve the maximum impact of your investment.

Impact Indicators, Data & Reports ​

We use six indicators to assess our regenerative impact ecosystem: Food Systems, Building Design, Social Investment, Arts, Recreation, Community Connection. Regenesis Reno works with partners, clients, and policymakers to better understand how to align these ecosystem indicators through advocacy, strategic design, and policy.

Community Reconciliation

Using a combination of our building blocks, we form stakeholder guilds that exchange common resources much like a guild in ecology. These groups provide a starting point for development teams and inhabitants to participate in a visioning process which will reveal shared values and project potential. This process establishes an ecosystem of participation increasing value and resilience.

Events and Workshops

We coordinate strategic, impactful gatherings to inform key decision makers and project initiatives. Our events provide valuable data and expand social learning to stimulate the flow of communication, fostering new ideas and resilient communities.